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Android is the one of the best OS that we’ve ever seen. The user friendly nature, better compatibility and some of the best features makes it even more productive and useful for everyone.

The best part about the android phones is its apps. There are a variety of apps and with recently updated Google play store it got even much better.

Today we’ve brought up top 10 apps for students. Some of the best apps that can help you with your studies like assignments, grammar or general knowledge.

1. Evernote

Best Evernote Android App for student

Evernote is one of the best application for taking notes, images or even drawings. You can easily sync all your notes or documents to the cloud and access them later via your PC or any other device, rather it be android, iOS, mac or windows. This the best part about Evernote, being able to take notes anywhere and access them from anywhere at any time you want or prefer.

2. Math formulary

Math formulary Android App for student

Can’t remember all you mathematics formulas and really tired of memorizing again and again? Well, not anymore. With this cool Android app you can easily get all the mathematics formulas easily (geometry, trigonometry, arithmetic, algebra)

3. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha android app for student

Wolfram alpha is a Q/A app that can find most of the answers to your questions related to physics, chemistry, astronomy, math, etc. Wolfram alpha uses a vast database and many other algorithms to give you the best and relevant answer for your queries.

4. Document Scanner

Document Scanner

This is one of the best app for any student. Well, most of us hate writing down notes or turning the pages of a book every time we need to know something. With document scanner you can easily scan your notes or books and save them in a pdf format and access them whenever you want.

5. Grammar Guide
Grammar Guide android app for student

This app can help you improve your grammar by providing punctuation rules, sentence structure and a bunch of other grammar guides. Grammar Guide does also check your writings and gives you feedback about any changes you can make.

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6. Miss Spell’s Class

Miss Spells Class android app for student

It’s a fun game that can boost up your spelling skills. You are given 20 words and have to judge them quickly whether they are correct or incorrect.

7. Realcalc Scientific Calculator

Realcalc Scientific Calculator Android App for student

The best and #1 scientific calculator for android users.Realcalc Scientific Calculator looks and works like a Real Scientific Calculator.

8. Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes android app for student

Though android users do not quite enjoy taking notes on their tablets like the iOS devices but among all other notes taking applications, Lecture Notes are the best as you need not to type and write normally on the screen. You can choose notebooks width, height,color pattern drawing tools and also offers several color pencil and eraser options. So taking notes had never been easier with your android phones or tablets.

9. Periodic Table

Periodic Table android app for student

Periodic Table is the best handy app for all the students related to science field. All the groups, elements have been well organized and you get detailed information as you expect.

10. Kindle

Kindle for andrid apps

If you are a person who loves to do a lot of reading, Kindle is the best app for you. Kindle offers best reading experience be it a newspaper reader, magazine reader or your book reader. The app comes with inbuilt Wikipedia, dictionary and Google. You can choose from a variety of free and paid books from the store.

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These are the top 10 apps for students that can help with your studies and make it much more productive. Though every day hundreds of apps are being released, these top 10 apps are the best and can help you with most of your assignments, projects and study management.

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