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top 10 android smartphone apps pregnant womanNow These Days Android Become Very Famous And Popular Operating System In Worldwide Technology.

So android also launches some apps for pregnancy which is most liked by many peoples. The main motive of introducing pregnancy app is to overcome the complication in pregnancy in women because these apps provide many functions like due date calculator, diet calculator, weight tracker and so on which is beneficial for pregnant women’s.

1. Baby Bump Pregnancy

Easily one of the most widespread pregnancy apps on the Android platform. Baby Bump spots come in  simple design and easy understandable interface. With the help of this app you should know your due dates and this also provide daily tips and full information regarding your child development and This app also give you  a countdown widget and progress bar which is easily customizable. It always keeps you able to follow your weight, waist measurements, mood, energy. this app comes with huge numbers of tool like kick-counting tool, baby-naming tool, birth plan, and shopping list tools.

2. Baby Center My Pregnancy Today

This app provides daily tips and update regarding the development and the progress of your pregnancy.this app become  friendly user interface by simply adding your due date and you will get tips and full information of each day. This app also gives you bunch of healthy recipes and their videos. with the help of this app you will get mobile access of baby center community and get the option to install information filled widgets which is very beneficial to you and your baby. The most important thing in this app is it should remind you to get essential vitamins to do something nice of yourself.

3. Pregnancy & Medication Safety

This app provides all information about the madicians which is taken by you at the stage of pregnancy. This suggested  to you that which madicians are beneficial  and which are harmful to you and your baby. It reduce daily consultation to the doctor because with the help of this app you can quickly put all medical information at your finger tips The most beneficial part of this app is you should take all information regarding the safety of breast feeding.

4. Pregnancy Diet Calculator

This app basically nutrition tracker  which gives all information about the food which is eaten by you. It is very simple to use you should input all the food that you have taken in the day this app gives you feedback what you can improve in  your daily diet. This app also provide information about the vegetable and fruits which is very beneficial to you. This app created by U.K baby formula company which firstly recommend to you in the stage of pregnancy.

5. Positive Pregnancy

This app has different and effective work which provide many lesson of self meditation that begin positive pregnancy The positive pregnancy guiding you into deep relaxed state which is very beneficial for you and your baby All tension are released from your brain and your body remain stable state. It just might proud you into a positive mindset, ideal for welcoming your new little one to the world. This app provide mediation videos with 9 times repeat mode and automatically turns into sleep state.

6. Happy Pregnancy

This app maintains weekly journals to track your mood and other notes along with a calender and  your weight  gain chart constantly calculate your date of delivery. This app keeps counts your due dates ,baby kicks along with your weekly pregnancy information. The design is not sleek but it’s more functional and easy to use. the detailed weight tracker is one of the most important function in this app.

7. Name Dropper

If you want a perfect  name of your baby then this app is very useful to you just enter which name are you looking for boy, girl or unisex the app suggested you number of name according to the popularity. It also gives you list of similar name which should created along with your searching. The app comes with variety of some interesting name which you are never heard before. This app basically for those non traditional parents which are looking for something creative.

8. Routinely

Today our life become so busy we can not maintain our habit for some particular reasons. so this app called ‘routinely’ helps you to create checklist of habits. It create a list in which information of your daily routine at which your are working on like taking your essential vitamins. Time of your exercise, amount of fruits you taken and downtime to relive your stress. This app maintain your routine for daily or few days of week also at last you will get feedback from app how much you sticking to your routine. There is notification  status bar and audio alert in this app which is used as a optional.

9. Gerber Pregnancy Calculator

This calculator provide week by week funnel to your pregnancy. In addition it gives you all information about your weight, health food and good ideas for your better pregnancy. This apps contain calender which reminds you to care appointments  and one big feature of this app is you can upload your ultrasound record and baby heartbeats to track development of your baby.

10. Pregnancy & Medication Safety

This app provide knowledge of medicine which is good and harmful in pregnancy. with the help of this app you should rescues yourself to be in the trouble its give you all information about all medicine according to your need and tell its pros and cons. So this app put all medical knowledge at your finger tips. most important function of this app is you will access all information about the breast feedings.


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