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Everybody wants his mobile and Smartphones having new technology and lots of features. So in 2013 all mobile companies launch his upgrade version of its OS according to customer needs and demands.

Top-5-mobile-operating-system-in-2013Mobile operating system also referred mobile OS that operates Smartphones, tablets and other digital mobile devices.

The modern mobile operating system is the combination of features of computer operating system including touch screen, Bluetooth , WiFi, GPS mobile navigation etc.

Mobile OS basically is a real time operating system that operates two or more processes at the same time.

Android OS
Now these recent day google android operating system is becoming very popular and useful for mobile lovers.

It is an open source software created by Google in Linux platform.
In android OS there is a play store from which you can download plenty of games and apps free as well as paid.

The vision of android is following Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honey Comb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean, KitKat And Lemon Pie is the latest version of android.

Apple IOS
After the android, IOS is becoming very famous by launching its upcoming phone Apple iPhone 5 this year. This mobile operating system is not open source software that’s why this is being awfully expensive. The performance of this OS is very fast and too smooth which does Not slow down. All apps are downloaded in IOS at iTunes hence all most apps should be paid.

Windows 8 Mobile OS
Microsoft launches his newest OS not only for computers but also for Smartphones & tablets. This OS has its unique and very effective user interface. All windows mobile OS app should be downloaded from window dev center. This OS comes in nokia Lumia series only because Microsoft is undertaking nokia corporation this year. There are the key benefits of this operating system but there is a limitation also arising that its speed which is not as good as android OS apple IOS.

Symbian OS
This operating system is one which is used by nokia and This OS comes to market in 2009 with open source software.

This operating system used in Semi Smartphone only and This is too cheap as compare to other mobile OS. You can download All apps from nokia Ovi store free and as well as paid.

Bada OS
This operating system mainly used in Samsung mobile phones. It lunches Smartphone very soon with the collaboration of Tizen OS
This OS has good and impressive performance regarding his speed and quality. This is made by Korea which means ocean. This OS is also very famous because of his better performance and its cheap price.


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