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Top 7 Reasons why people using Smartphones
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Now we are thinking about Smartphones that way people are using Smartphones. That is the main motivation people are crazy for Smartphones because android , window phones and iPhone offer amazing features with their Smartphones.

And another one thinks here, if you have a device so you can carry your device everywhere and easily you can touch with your social network as well as you can do something new experience with your Smartphone.

Here are some most excited reasons why people using a Smartphone.

Social Network – Now days Social networking is the most important part in our life. So everyone wants to touch the online social community with their friends and family. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and as well as Pinterest they are most popular network. So if you don’t have Smatphone, you are definitely missing 50% fun of your network.

Taking Photo and Video – Mostly people are loving to take the photos and video moment in their Smartphone. So they want a good quality camera for it, but Smartphone manufacture companies provide all requirements for the user. So that’s the reasons people are passionate for Smarphone.

Games –We also love to play games on mobile phone and so many gaming apps available for the Smartphone and we can easily pick our favorite games and enjoy them. So that is the biggest reason people buy Smartphone.

GPS Navigation –  Now a days lot of Smartphones provide us a popular app that the call GPS (Global Positioning Systems). It is also most important part of our Smartphone. Because GPS give us turn-by-turn directions.

For this application giving your fastest way and also exact location that where are you. This app also notifies you with spoken when a turn’s coming in the direction.

Using New Apps – There are so many apps available on the app stores and people can select the apps according their fun and requirement and Mostly teenager are browsing the app stores frequently. So that’s the another cause people are using a Smartphone.

Email sending – that is the greatest feature in a Smartphone. From the Smartphone we can send the large text message email just a single click and you can also chat with their friends via Yahoo, Facebook and also Gamil chat messenger.

E – Commerce – Now a days online shopping is a most popular platform on the web. So in the app stores plenty of apps available who related to the e – commerce. For exp: Flipkart mobile app, HomeShop18 – Online Shopping, eBay etc. and they apps give you an easy experience of your online shopping.


  1. I really agree with your article, Smartphones are the sole part of our life nowadays. But truth is we are ignoring some bad effects too which are just because of smartphones, like we became somehow lazzy and ignore many other positive things i.e family.

    But overall smartphones are need of today’s life, We should use them but also we should think about disadvantages.

  2. Technology is going advanced, these days most of the people started using smartphones just for using social media websites or playing games. Only very few people buys it for their online/offline work 🙂


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