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Samsung came up with the new samsung galaxy S5 with somewhat new features. The new galaxy S5 after its predecessors S4, S3, S2 and galaxy S came up with the new technologies like heart rate scanner, an increase in the pixels of camera and a scratches glass. The new samsung galaxy S5 is powered by a 2.5 GHz QuadCore Processor with a ram of 2GB and the android version 4.4 (kitkat). The phone has the new technology of heart beat sensor which sense your heart rate. A quite new technology!

The phone has a rear camera of 16 Megapixels and front facing camera of 2.1 megapixels to enjoy video calls and video chatting. It is featured with the light sensor and proximity sensor too.The internal storage of the phone is 16 GB, which is quite same as of the earlier galaxy S4 and S3. It has a port for expandable memory up to 128 GB. The size of its display is 5.1 inches with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. The capacity of the phone battery is 2800mAh.

The newest technology in the samsung galaxy S5 is that it is a waterproof phone and it is only of its kind in the Samsung series of mobile phones. It is also powered by a new technology of scratches glass which enables you to not worry if you are using it somewhat roughly!

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The new Galaxy S5 is also available in the new color rather than black and white. The colors are blue and copper gold. And copper, gold is new in the galaxy series.

BUT Many of the users faced many problems on the phone. So let me aware you with the problems faced in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Top Reasons For Samsung Galaxy S5 Not Having A Wow Factor

First of all, the phone is powered by a new technology that it is a water resistant phone. But it’s no so true because if the phone is kept inside the water of depth 1 meter for about half an hour, it will surely get damaged. And it is proven experimentally.

So if you are to buy a phone having water resistant technology, you should definitely prefer Sony Xperia Z2.

Secondly, the main problem faced is that it is not accompanied with the new downloading booster which increases its downloading speed with a boost while using a Wifi network.

The third problem with the phone is with its camera. Though it has a camera of 16 – Megapixels, but the processing of the camera is really very slow. When we open the camera it takes a while in opening date.

The camera has a big issue because in some cases when the camera is opened, it sometimes shows an error in opening date. That is really a big one. And also the focus on the image is also very slow.

So in case you are to buy the phone just because of camera than you can prefer to have Sony Xperia Z2 with a 20.7 megapixels camera with a wide camera quality and no such problem.
You can also buy HTC One M8. It is also a good choice!

The new technology of S5, the heart beat sensor is also not working properly as it shows sometimes wrong rate which is far off than the normal ones!

The launcher of the galaxy S5 also does not work properly. It also has some software problems with  it!

So, as its predecessors are admired in the market and by the people.

Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t be that much admiring. So prefer buying Sony Xperia Z2 then buying a galaxy S5. It will be like a tea without sugar if you buy samsung galaxy S5.

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  1. For me a smartphone is that which have a good camera because i love photography. And as you mentioned Samsung S5 has not a good camera, so i am not going to buy it at any cost. More over it’s not water resistant (just 1m), So definitely it is not good phone for me.

  2. I agree with each and every point you said. Samsung Galaxy S5 is a pure shit with just one or two added features and S4 design 🙁

  3. Nice wrap up of cons of Samsung Galaxy S5. I personally don’t like Samsung devices at all, don’t know the reason but I find the quality to be not too good when compared to other phones available in the market. Let’s see if Samsung comes up with some new innovative and unique concepts in future.

  4. People will always criticize the Samsung but still they are one of the best android device providers.

    • yes you are right but if you look on last devices they are not good according to me now Samsung showing their handsets with same features and same design only name is change there :p

  5. Agree with Aashray Anand that People will always try to criticize the Samsung Products, but at the end Samsung always provides the best one product to their users 😉

  6. Samsung Galaxy phones are not Good, LG G2 is much better in looks , styling and features. Samsung is launching same thing in every galaxy phone.
    I hate Samsung!


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