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Google I/O 2014 was the most awaiting event of the year, but when it arrives it comes with some surprising, interesting, rocking and shocking news. This Google event has taken the technology of the world into another level of the world. This event took the thinking level of the people of the world about technology to another level.

Google I/O 2014 event was started with great pump and show. This event was chocked full of news – some news was expected and some are not. The Company showed off new playful and colorful design for all the products.

The most awaited and exciting announcement in this event was the announcement of new Android Version called ‘Android L’. Some other announcements were also made like Android in Car, TV and wearable devices.

So here is a list of important news announced in Google I/O 2014 about Android.

Android L Developer Preview:

We were very excited to see the new update of android in the event, but sadly it is not officially revealed yet. But Google has launched a developer’s preview of this update in the global market. This will help developers and OEMs to examine the update and try the update before the official release of the update. Actually, this the strategy of Google by announcing the developer preview of update Google want to know about the views and opinions of the people about the update. The new update is called Android L and is already out in the global market and developers now can start working on apps for the upcoming new Android platform.

The preview update shows a new User Interface design with a card-like enhanced notifications and much more flat UI. The new update has a new lock screen with features like notifications and privacy, multitasking, new notification bar, chrome updates and so on.

Android Auto:

Google officially announced about the Android Auto program in Google I/O 2014. This program will bring users Android Smartphone experience into an Android Auto-ready car’s entertainment system. Now User can have the car powered by user Android smartphone. It has steering based controls and let users listen music using voice commands, receive your calls, send replies to text messages, helps in navigating your way and many more interesting features. You only need to do is to sync your Android Smartphone with the car and there you go. This platform seems quite interesting and Google announced that Android Auto equipped car will be available in market at the end of this year.

Android TV:

Now, Google is taking Android in your living room. Google announced a whole new operating system for TV which will corporate with your set top boxes, Smart TVs and even with your gaming consoles. Controllers, Smartphones, Tablets and even wearable devices can be used to control Android TV. You will also get free access to Play Store so that you can easily watch a movie or play your favorite video games. Google has already made partners like Sony, TP Vision and Sharp which will launch a television powered by Android TV next year.


Google has announced wearable devices like the Samsung Gear Live, LG G watch and Moto 360 Smart watches. The former two are already present on the Play Store while Moto 360 will be announced soon. These wearables will connect with your Android devices and provides all your notifications, updates, messages, and so on.

Android One:

The most shocking and unexpected announcement was the Android One Program. Google has officially made partners like Karbonn, Spice & Micromax. So that Google can launch smartphones at a price less than $100 with his new update called ‘Android One’. Android One is basically update for low budget smartphones. Google launch this update to target the low end segment of smartphone market. This is excellent news for Indian users. With this update called ‘Android One’ Micromax has already shown off a smartphone having 4.5-inch display, dual-SIM capability, FM radio, microSD slot and price less than $100.


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