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Samsung Galaxy Alpha model no. SM-A300, SM-A500, and the SM-A700

As per the latest news in the rumor zone, Samsung is being said to be launching Galaxy A series or better known as  Samsung 
Galaxy Alpha series smartphones in this week. As per the reports, Three smartphones would be launched in the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha series. The reports claim the three devices to be in different price range and will also feature the Galaxy Alpha’s premium metal design.

Samsung is known for manufacturing plastic phones of not so good quality. Yes, they are of quality, but it is nothing compared to the quality of iPhone 5C which was also made of plastic, but it went through so much of refinement that it gave the smartphone a premium and highly glossy look.

HTC also deviated from sticking to the plastic android smartphone category while they launched their HTC One smartphone. Following the Apple trend, HTC manufactured a unibody aluminum case with curves which indeed felt great in looks and in hand. And as of now, many variants of HTC One came out and still HTC One M8 holds the title for best Android smartphone.

It does seem that Samsung has finally realized the same, as it can be seen in its recently announced iPhone 5s-inspired, ultra-thin and metal-framed Galaxy Alpha.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Series Smartphones

As per the reports, Samsung Galaxy Alpha is going to be the first smartphone of the Alpha series. According to SamMobile, there would be three smartphone launching in this series with model no. SM-A300, SM-A500, and the SM-A700.Each model will be targeting a different price range thus Samsung aims to sell in the major portion of the smartphone market.

SM-A500 already made its appearance on Samsung’s mobile site (mistakenly or on purpose not known), and is being said to portray a 1080p Full HD display. The SM-A300 will be featuring a lower resolution screen with 960 x 540pixels with a low price tag and  SM-A700 will portray a FULL HD panel. The Galaxy Alpha series smartphone is also being said to feature a better front camera with a full metal body.

We expect an official announcement about Samsung Galaxy A Series or Samsung Galaxy Alpha series smartphone sooner or later may be following the introduction of Galaxy Note 4 on September 3. We will keep you posted on any news buildup.


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