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Apple iPhone 6, the most awaited phone for the apple iPhone lovers. So , its just 3 days left for the official release of the iPhone 6 and its prices.

But there’s a good news for all those who are very curious to know about the prices of iPhone 6.

The new Apple  iPhone 6 is to come up in two variants in the size of display, i.e one with 4.7 – inches display and the other with 5.5 – inches display. The prices on both these iPhone 6 with variants in internal storage has been leaked.

The prices of the iPhone 6 have been revealed in a leaked image from Hong Kong after going up for pre-order on China Mobile. The credits for the prices of the iPhone 6’s goes to the Tech blog TK Tech News, which posted the image which shows the prices of both the variants of the iPhone 6 that vary in screen sizes.


First, the price of Apple’s iPhone 6 with a screen size 4.7 – inches, which comes in 16GB that costs HKD 6,663 i.e. approximately equal to INR 52,000; the 32GB variant costs about HKD 7,671 i.e. equal to INR 60,000; the 64GB variant costs about HKD 8,679 i.e. equal to INR 67,500.

The Apple’s iPhone 6 with 5.5 – inch screen size is also to come in 16GB which costs about HKD 7,923 i.e. approximately equal to INR 61,800; the 32 GB variant costs HKD 8,931 i.e. approximately equal to INR 69,700; the 32 GB variant costs HKD 9,687 i.e. approximately equal to INR 75,500.

Apple iPhone 6 Prices list Leaked
Apple iPhone 6 Prices

Note that all these prices are excluding of all the taxes which are to be charged on these phones.

According to the leaked image the prices are of the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants and also there’s no single word for the new variant of 128GB. But according to the previous reports Apple iPhone 6 was to come up with 128GB inbuilt storage.

On Wednesday, Apple’s long – awaited 4.7 – inch iPhone 6 variants were leaked in a couple of fresh images with its display turned on showing the iOS 8 lock screen.

The new iPhone 6 varies with screen size and both feature an iPod touch – inspired design;  the Touch ID fingerprint sensor;  the new Apple A8 SoC, and NFC connectivity.

So all those who are interested to buy the new Apple iPhone 6 should maintain there budget because its not so far when Apple’s iPhone 6 will come in the market .


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