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Lifetime Free Data usageDatawind android smartphone Rs. 2000 with lifetime Data Free. Oh! Really. Yes definitely. Datawind –founded by Aakash (Indian company) offering free data usage through this festival period. You can’t believe but it’s a fact plus it’s the main tag for selling potential.

Company is all set to launch its low cost android phone before Diwali- Yes! its the perfect timing to release plus Indian PM directing smart tech. So with the low price it may match the require level of expectation. What do you say? Is it going to be the best low-range android phone?

It looks like Aakash partnerships  with three  telecom partners to provide this benefit . All though the news not disclosed  yet and it’s not come to light until offers are coupled.

According the officials phone built on obviously android. Sustain 3.5-inch display. Currently company selling 40,000-50,000 gadget monthly.

” Datawind Executive Vice President Rupinder Singh said that they are looking  in-front to     disclose their Rs. 2000 android phone and some other tech to boost sales within this year

Datawind had won the contract to supply 100,000 units of Aakash tablets priced at $49.98 apiece in 2011, translated into a price of Rs. 2,276 at that time.

The project was then handled by IIT Jodhpur which provided the specifications for the product. It, however, ran into controversy following IIT Jodhpur rejecting the devices manufactured by Datawind.

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Company had an break to convey 100K units which cost $49.98 or Rs. 2,276  per piece back in 2011.  IIT Jodhpur taken specs part for product but due to argument they canceled manufacture. After that project transferred IIT Bombay and this time they instructed for superior feature  Aakash 2.

Actually this project started to help student by providing internet through budget friendly devices for learning usability . This idea was former minister Kabil Sibal’s creation.

 Ravi Shankar Prasad  IT and communication minister stated that Aakash modules need a better quality  specification for smooth run on current


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