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OnePlus one vs Nexus 6 comparison: which mobile is better?

It has been buzzing around my head since after these gadget launched. Both smartphones built with superior design,hardware and impressive specs and that’s why it became more difficult to decide a clear winner for you. Isn’t it guys? Therefore I’ve decided to bring out every details from OnePlus One vs Nexus 6  so you can choose the winner without any hassle.

 Oneplus one vs Nexus 6 comparison: Which smartphone is better


OnePlus one is only available via invite system- that’s absurd and down point too. Isn’t it guys? Hmm! But you can’t say any longer because OnePlus is available in this festive season without invites. So, you have got no problem for buying the device.

OnePlus one built with smooth design, prominent specs and most vitally affordability. Nexus 6 outfitted with almost same hardware except the cost – which is much higher than OnePlus one and previous Nexus phones. Should you opt Nexus 6 with extra bit of cost or you choose OnePlus one? Let’s dig. Are you ready guys? Okay! Let’s seek out which is best? OnePlus One vs Nexus 6. Here we start. Kick Off time….

OnePlus one vs Nexus 6 – which one should you buy?


OnePlus One designed with 152.9*75.9*8.9 mm width and 162 g weight where Nexus 6 159.26*82.98*10.06 mm bigger width and little heavy 184 g in weight too. Nexus 6 slash defiant. OnePlus one available in white and Nexus 6 up for grabs in blue and white colors.


Both contained phablet requirement. OnePlus one comprised 5.5 inch LCD while Nexus 6 hold slender larger extent 5.95 inch amoled screen. Nexus 6 has injected better 2560*1440 pixels resolution along with 493 ppi than OnePlus one 1920*1080 pixels with 401 ppi.

According to the tech experts ” OnePlus one display gone worse under the sun light like a mirror , which will be difficult for reading or any other task”


OnePlus one runs on a specialized CyanogenMOD v11. Where you’ll obtain similar features of standard CyanogenMod without rooting. It is Provides android alike performance with several modifying features through stock menu.

Nexus 6 will reflect Google’s latest Android OS release. Therefore it contained Android Os lollipop v5.0 and it will get future OS update sooner. Latest Android OS has smarter design and improved UI alike KitKat OS.


OnePlus one configured with 2.5 GHz clock speed quad core Snapdragon 801 processor and Nexus 6 built with 2.7 GHz quad core Snapdragon 805  processor. Similar RAM for both device 3 GB. Inbuilt space – 16 GB for OnePlus one and 64 GB for Nexus 6.


OnePlus one sustained 3100 mAH Li-Polymer batter power. Which can stand up to 14 hours. After 14 hours of utilizing charge dropped to 50% – result by testers**.

Nexus 6 integrated with slight more capacity 3220 mAH power. Without any doubt it’s sufficient for your conversation. Stand by time  equal or more than 14 hours and video playback time 600 minutes.


OnePlus one input 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera with 720p HD capturing and other features like autofocus and image sensors. Besides Nexus 6 fitted equivalent 13 MP front capture  with 1080p HD shooting along with 2 MP front facing camera.

Lastly Nexus 6 got rid of past camera  issues. Even though same 13 MP camera capture but it built with HDR technology for clean and crystal  shooting. Hopefully Nexus 6 will not face such complain into camera section from user


OnePlus one is available in the latest Indian eCommerce store amazon at Rs. 21,999. Hurry! run now before stock concluded. Aside Nexus 6 will cost you much higher RS. 43,999 which is coming soon in Indian eCommerce store soon.

Key features at once: OnePlus one vs Nexus 6

OnePlus key features:-

  • Width 153.9*75.9*8.9 mm and 162 g weight
  • 5.5 inch LCD display with 401 ppi
  • Resolution 1080*1920 pixels
  • OS  Android v4.4.4/ CyanogenMod 11S UI
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip set
  •  2.5 GHz quad core Processor
  • Adreno 330 GPU
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 16/64 GB internal space ( no memory slot)
  • 3100 mAH Li-Polymer battery
  • 13 MP rear camera with 720p HD shooting
  •   5 MP front side camera
  • HTML 5 browser, Bluetooth v4.0, Wi-Fi hotspot,
  • 3G, 4G, Micro USB charging, NFC etc.
  • Micro SIM, Global Roaming & GPS navigation

BUY OnePlus One Smartphone From AMAZON – Invite Only

Nexus 6 Key features at once:

  • Width 159.26 x 82.98 x 10.06 mm  and weight 184 g
  • 5.95 (6 inch) amoled screen display with 493 ppi
  • 1440*2560 pixels resolution
  • Android OS Lollipop V5.0
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip set with 2.7 GHz quad core Processor
  • GPU Adreno 420
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 32/64 GB inner memory
  • 13 MP 1080p HDR rear camera and 2 MP front camera
  • 3220 mAH battery standrad
  • HTML 5, Bluetooth v4.1, Wi-Fi hotspot
  • 3G, 4G, Micro USB charger, NFC, OTA sync etc
  • Micro SIM, Nano SIM and GPS, A-GPS navigation facility and many more.

My Conclusion

Ahhh!  Time to decide winner between OnePlus One vs Nexus 6  comparison. So now we know everything about these smartphones. Clearly Nexus 6 superior except high price where OnePlus One just little left behind from the specification of Nexus 6 but also its affordable.

Therefore If you are going to but an efficient phablet then you can surely opt in OnePlus One but if your budget is upper then you can pick Nexus 6. Are you going to spend to spend your hard working cash slight bigger specs? It’s on you guys? All I’m saying to you-don’t see your budget also look at the specs carefully before decide to purchase.  Hopefully it helped you. Stay with us for latest tech updates.

Note: If you discover any error within our article kindly let us know via comments or contact us.


  1. Hi Pallab !

    Really awesome review of OnePlus One and Nexus 6. It seems buying Nexus 6 has got slight advantage as compared to specifications of OnePlus. Though price is quite higher but definitely Nexus 6 gets an upper hand here. I must say one should go for OnePlus only if they are brave enough to compromise with specifications at the cost of cheaper budget.

    Overall, all I can say is, it was really an awesome comparison between the two latest sensation withing a single post. And more importantly formatting of post is really great.

    Thanks for sharing a useful review. 🙂


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