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TextNow Windows App for messaging & calling
TextNow windows app is really simple and easy to utilize for messaging and calling. It provide you a different number for calling and texting your friends, families, employees or any others. Previously this app only up for grabs for sending messages but now you have two fresh features which is call and voice mail.

I’ve spoken before that it assign a personal number which you can exploit for messaging,calling and voice mailing to the friends, families or others in US and Canada.As well as you can exchange picture messages or make group. Another fact is that the recipient doesn’t need to install TextNow windows phone app into their phones because it works like a normal mobile.

Let’s take a brief look on TextNow windows App for messaging & calling in US & Canada:

Call anybody with TextNow by using the private assigned number without any cost.

Voicemail – Give your callers the opportunity to leave you a voice message if you happen to miss a call! Messaging Improvements

Also you can perform voice mail via this app to alerts if they

View your call log with a contact within a conversation window.

Various other bug fixes and UI improvements.

Grab the updated app via the download link here. Enjoy!


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