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HTC desire 626 vs Moto G Gen2
Ahem ahem! I think you are in an illusion, that which of the above mentioned phone to buy! Both the smartphones are having very amazing features and you are confused regarding which one to buy.

If you like to buy Moto G Gen 2 smartphone than please hold on for a while and read the following comparison between the two smartphones of your range Rs. 12000 – 13000.

Moto G Gen 2 is not a bad choice but at first listen to the specifications of the new HTC desire 626 which is launched just a day back on 10th February with all new and wonderful specs that at today’s youth or an adult needs.

I hope after reading the comparison you will definitely be able to decide which one to buy and why!

I will consider one by one all the specifications and will tell you which one is better and worth and after that you can decide if to wait for the HTC desire 626 or to go for Moto G Gen 2.

So without wasting much of your time lets come to the specs of both the smartphones HTC Desire 626 vs Moto G Gen 2. Before that I would like to give you a brief intro about the phone.

HTC desire 626 launched on 10th Feb 2015 and is yet not available in India, but is available in Taiwan and will be available soon in India too..

Moto G Gen 2 launched in September 2014 and is available in the market as well as on the e-commerce sites too.

So, now coming on the specifications and comparing HTC desire 626 vs Moto G Gen 2.


HTC desire 626 features a rear camera of 13 megapixels with led flash and a front facing camera of 5-megapixels.

While on the other side Moto G Gen2 features a rear camera of 8 megapixels with led flash and a front-facing camera of 2 megapixels.

So, if you want to buy a camera specific phone and you are crazy about clicking selfies and other pics than you should buy HTC rather than Moto G Gen2.


Moto G Gen2 is powered with a 1.2GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and coupled with a ram of 1 GB and also the Desire 626 is also powered with the same processor but the Qualcomm version is 410 instead of 400. And that only makes the difference in the smartphone.

So if you are looking the processor than it hardly makes any difference in both the smartphones.


Both the smartphones are having the same display size 5-inch and the screen resolution is also the same i.e 720×1280 pixels.

I must say both the phones are giving very close competition to each other.

Operating system:

Moto G Gen2 runs the android version Kitkat v4.4.4 while the HTC desire 626 OS is not yet known that whether it will be running android Lollipop or android Kitkat.


Moto G Gen2 packs a battery of 2070mAh while the desire 626 packs a battery of 2000mAh. So in this category Moto G takes it over by 70mAh.


Its really good competition that storage of both of them is also 16 GB and is quite difficult for one to differentiate between them.


Now coming to the price of both the smartphones, which will definitely make a difference between the two.

Moto G Gen2 is priced at Rs.12,999 in India, while according to the Taiwan dollar HTC Desire 626 costs Rs.11,800.

So at last, if you want to buy one of the above then I prefer you to hold on for a while and should buy HTC Desire 626 according to me because its cheap, have a good camera and higher version of processor than the Moto G Gen2. But also Moto G Gen 2 is not a bad choice, in fact its the best of its kind.


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