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Smartphones unrelenting to rise in size in 2014. It gives the impression Samsung is giving out with its faux leather trande.

It has been stated that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 phone will be capable to make the most of super high-speed LTE download speeds to be very thankful to the advance of its next-gen Exynos SoC.
That’s along with teaser from T-Mobile marked by the edge which presents us the clearest glance so far of the Samsung Galaxy S6. By the side of the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona the phone Samsung is expected to announce next weekend.

Samsung has previously hinted that the Galaxy S6 will be curved, and that appear to be attractive certain at this point. This teaser another time proposes that the model will take on the warped type edge of the tentative Galaxy Note Edge, but on both parts of this phone. It isn’t clear whether a curved version will be proposed beside a customary version of the phone the same as is the case with the Note 4/Note Edge or else whether this is the only version of the Galaxy S6.

The Korean company has remarkably initiated two metallic-bodied devices this year the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 subsequently it wouldn’t be a vast surprise to observe that part of the design make its approach into its latest flagship. Undoubtedly, the plastic backs have increased not many supporters since they make the erect of Samsung’s phones feel a bit cheap.

Two versions wouldn’t be an enormous surprise, predominantly given that there are little facts that this s6 phone’s curved screens are amazing and it’s according to consumer’s first choice to be different or indeed need. Apple put up for sales two dissimilar sized versions of the iPhone 6, and Samsung has long released several adaptations of its phones to suit many different experiences and financial plan.


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