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Gone are the days, when we used to go to Mobile shops and ask for SMS pack. Those are memories now and the reason is Smartphones. Yes, texting become very easy and quick with the help of Smartphones. Earlier when we used to send a message there was a special SMS tone ‘Toon Toon’, remember? 🙂 So, how exactly it got changed. Nowadays, people are using WhatsApp and they are addicted to it. It is free for one year but after that you have to pay $0.99 per annum for android users while for iOS users you have to pay one-time fee i.e. $0.99. WhatsApp became famous because you can do chat, send messages, audio, video and now even call. Though, I am one of the fans of WhatsApp but the only thing that I do not like is paying $0.99. I have tried different substitute of WhatsApp and most of them are robust and best alternatives to WhatsApp.

In this article, I will be sharing with you top 5 alternatives to WhatsApp with which you need not to pay even a single penny.

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1. WeChat

WeChat is similar to WhatsApp and also a one of the best alternatives. You just need to install the app from Google Play Store and after that entering your mobile number for registration, you need to verify it by verification code. This code is send on the mobile number that you have added. WeChat got huge popularity and it got viral and the reason is most of the celebrities are using this app. We can share contacts, text, images, voice messaging, videos, your current location and video chatting through the app. Did I miss something? Yes, that is ‘Stickers’.

Not only this, you can also enter your Facebook email ID to connect with your friends. WeChat can be used without spending a single penny and this app is supported by Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone. This app also provide offers with which you can recharge your phone.

2. Viber

Viber uses the concept of VoIP and allows the users to make free calls from their smartphones. Not only calls, but user can send text images to your friends and love ones. Registration process is same as of the WhatsApp. Once registered, you can connect with your friends by checking your address book. You can only connect with those contacts which already using Viber. While placing a call to the users, please make sure that you guys have good internet connection. According to my personal experience, calling feature will not work ‘properly’ on 2G connection. However, you can send text without any issues. This app can also be used free of cost. If you want to call on numbers who don’t have Viber installed, you can do it with lower rates using ViberOut feature. This app is supported by Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Bada and Windows Phone.

3. Line

LINE is also a good alternative of Whtasapp. You can Register with your phone no. and connect with the contacts those are Connected LINE. You can share free messages, audios, videos and make free VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls to LINE Users. It also gives ease to do audio and video conferencing with multiple Line users. The best part I like about LINE is that it allows user to reply messages by Computers. It is Support by Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Nokia, BlackBerry, ASHA and Firefox OS.

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4. Facebook Messenger

Another free and alternative to WhatsApp is Facebook Messenger. It only allows you to connect with your friends those are on Facebook but you cannot communicate with our friends who are not using Facebook. For access you have to register with email ID and password. You can send free messages, free audio and video calls, and images to your Facebook friends. It is support by Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

5. Skype

Skype which is famous for video calling is also one of the good replacements of WhatsApp. You can make free voice and video calls and can do chatting between users. It is a good video conferencing platform. For registration you must enter your email address and give profile information. It is support by Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon, Nokia X and BlackBerry.


If you check the features of all the above mentioned apps, you will notice that every app can be used free of cost. Hence, you are saving money without any doubt. Though, all the apps are good, I would personally recommend going ahead with ‘WeChat’. Reason being, it is quite famous and the stickers part is very good. Also, if you are using it regularly, you may get offers to recharge your phone. If you want to earn money with your smartphone then must read: Top 5 Apps To Earn Unlimited Money With Smartphones in 2015


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