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Remember those days when we used to click photographs with camera, but nowadays Smartphones are on trend. Most of the people use Smartphone to click the photos in a different pose and selfies 😉 then give final touch using the Photo Editor. Don’t we? Yes, we do it, which makes our photo cool, stylish, unique, Magical and awesome. Once we are done with the editing, there comes a new pictures/selfies that we upload on Social media sites. We receive lots of likes and comment from our friends and followers 🙂 just because of that stylist pictures. If you Google, you will get number of photo editors, some of them will be paid and some of them can be used free. Lets go ahead and discuss Top 5 Free Photo Editing Apps for Instagram.

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PicsArt – Photo Studio


PicsArt is one of best free photo editing apps with more than 200 Millions installs. It consists of all in one art i.e. Photo editor, drawing tool and collage maker including a video feature. There is a lot of option for photo manipulations and large variety of effects, stickers, text tools, borders, masks, callouts, enhancements tools, clipart graphics, frames and many more. With the help of collage maker you can create a collage of different photographs on any background and can share on Facebook and Instagram. PicsArt has its own free social network for everyone who is minimum 16 years old. Registered user can upload images on their account and can like and share of others users also.



Snapseed a free photo editing apps

Snapseed is one of the popular free photo editing apps developed by software developer, Nik Software Inc. It was costly app but google has obtained Nik Software that’s why Snapseed is freely available. Now, it has been integrated with Google+. Some basic features of Snapseed are Auto Correct, Crop, Tune image, Details, Spot repair, Selective adjust, Transform. You can automatically analysis and adjust color of your photo with a single tap using Auto Correct and enhance the specific area of your photo by using selective adjust. You also share your photo on Google+ or any services that has installed in your smartphone.

Pixlr Express


Pixlr Express free photo editing apps

Pixlr Express is a more than 2 million combinations of free interesting features like effects, boarders, auto fix features, automatically adjusts brightness, exposures, contract, colors, whiten teeth, remove red-eye, overlays and also can use of  halftone, poster, pencil, water color, sketch etc. This app is created by Autodesk Inc. you can quickly crop, rotate and fine-tune of any photo and also create photo collage and can also share that photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email.



Picsay a free photo editing apps

PicSay is one of the award winning free photo editing apps and very simple to operate. Picsay is available free and paid version. In free version you will get all features like word balloons, text, stickers, titles and you can give contract, exposure, brightness, and artistic effects on the image. In paid version you will get extra tools, extra features, special effects, different styles, more stickers, pressure-sensitive drawing, more filters and many more. After editing, you can share your photo on Facebook, Instagram or any other service that is installed your Smartphone.

Photo Editor by Aviary


Aviary free photo editing apps

Aviary is a simple photo editing app for image correction. It is useful to edit quickly and easily their photos using One-tap auto enhance toll. It has features like fun stickers, color temperature, more photo effects, frames, create your own memes, cosmetic tools (remove red eyes, whiten teeth and add blemishes), automatic saving, color balance and many more. In this zooming of photo is not possible but overall it is good app for editing of large images.


We have lots of free photo editing Apps for Instagram and Smartphones available in the market but I would personally recommend going ahead with ‘PicsArt – Photo Studio’. It has all basic features and advanced feature to make your photo more attractive and you can get best photograph ever. Your friends will definitely likes your picture on your social network sites. Give it a try. 


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