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In Pakistan, “Bus Da Pata” Android App is launched by Lahore Transport Company. As you all know, Lahore is a part of Pakistan Punjab, reason being, the name is in Punjabi. “Bus da Pata” name is actually unique and easy to remember. LTC has launched this app for the passenger who usually wants to get the information of Lahore Bus Stops and Places.

“Bus Da Pata” app will track your location on the basis of your GPS location and you need to mention the location where you want to go. So, lets say you are at location A and this will be determined through GPS and you want to go to location B, “Bus Da Pata” App, will show you the bus route numbers that you will have to take.It will also show stop names that are being involved in reaching your destination, fare and estimated time required. Not only, it will let you know the destination, you will also get know if any bus changes needed for reaching your destination.

In case you want to search for bus routes for two location, you can simply enter them manually and get to know the exact path with this app. For example, if you want to travel from “Liberty Roundabout” bus stop to “District Court”  stop in Lahore, then you simply enter these location in the ‘Bus da Pata’ app and it will return following results:


With the above screenshot, you can see that, you need to take B16 Bus. The distance for your destination is 9.72 km and it will take 23:19 minutes to reach your destination. Moreover,  you will get to know that you need to pay Rs. 30 for this trip.

According to Lahore Transportation Company, this app shows real-time location result for all buses. It will let you know how to reach your nearest stop and even estimated time for the arrival of next bus. It will also give you real-time speed, and estimated time of arrival of the bus. Here is a reference screen:

This app requires some CSS or design improvements. However, this is a good option for the commuters of Lahore, Pakistan who use buses. You can download Bus Da Pata from Google Play Store.



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