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“Moto Xpress” a doorstep Customer Service is started by Motorola India from today. This service is simply means that if your Motorola device got some issues and you opt for this service, which only cost Rs. 199 then one of the customer agent of Motorola will come to your place for resolving software or hardware issues.

“Moto Xpress” is started in three major cities that includes Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. You can simply register for this service so that their agent can resolve the issue at your place. In case of software issue, they will try to resolve the issue at your place only, however, they may carry your phone to service center, if it has hardware issue. Each time you opt for this service, you need to pay Rs. 199.

We believe that company has started this service in reasonable and affordable price. In this hectic life, we don’t get much time and if you have time then you need to got to service center via your vehicle (which is also not free and you need to spend money and time). Motorola is offering this service at your place(home/office/shop). Ultimately, you are saving your time and getting better service.

Moto Xpress

In case, if you have issue with your Motorola device, you can book Moto Xpress Service by calling ‘011-41717124’. Right now, in India, Motorola customer satisfaction score is more than 85 percent which is quite good and they are focusing to increase this by this service.

In India, Motorola has 160 service centers.  Right now, this service is introduced in three cities. Company will surely spread this in all over India depending upon the response of the current process. Though, Motorola products are durable and do not face these kind of issues, however, company has provided to the customers a best service. If you use these service, please do share your experience with us.


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