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I remember the days when I used to take leave from school (of course, on some or the other pretext) to watch my favourite TV shows and live matches. I am no longer a child but my love for TV stays intact.

It is the age of smartphone and like most people I start my day by checking messages and end up by setting up an alarm on my phone. My life revolves around it. Now what if I tell you that I have a TV button on my mobile? Thanks to nexGTv mobile TV app, I can now watch my favourite shows on my handset. It is power-packed entertainment for the non-stop generation. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, nexGTv Mobile TV app is your one-stop entertainment application.


What is nexGTv mobile TV and how we can use it?

nexGTv Mobile TV app for the non-stop generation offers more than 140 LIVE TV channels. With this application, you can watch latest movies, songs, TV shows and your favourite funny episodes. I have downloaded the nexGTv Mobile TV app from Google Play Store and now I watch latest episodes of running television shows on my smartphone.

Let me share the key features of nexGTv Mobile TV app:

80 plus free Live TV channels, Pause & Play, Quick-switch, Resume from where you left off. Isn’t it cool? So watch a movie when you are on your way to office. Pause once you have reached your workplace. In the evening, resume the same video on your way back.

Advanced Search functionality allows you to easily search videos of your choice and save time.

The features listed above make it a smart TV app. Here are some screenshots of the app:


The features listed above makes it a Smart TV app. Here are some screenshots of the app:






Final Words

At the end, I would like say that it is an awesome app available on Android, Blackberry and iOS. You can also get the desktop app from nexGTv’s official website. To download nexGTv app, click here. The app runs across EDGE,2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks. I would recommend you to go ahead and try nexGTv Mobile TV app, as it is a premium entertainment app. You can enjoy free Live channels, News, TV Shows, Sports, Movies, Cricket, Football, Videos on-demand Online, Music and Hot Videos.


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