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In February 2013, Evernote (a note-taking app), has just 1 million of users in India. Today, Evernote has announced and confirmed that they have crossed 5 million users within just 2 and a half years.

Evernote is a note taking app that you can use on any platform. It is basically designed for organizing, notetaking, and archiving. With the help of evernote app, you can create a “note” and that note can a piece of formatted text, a webpage, a photograph, a handwritten “ink” note or a voice memo. You can organize them, sort them and place it in a folder.

Here is the rapid growth of the user in India which is shared over the official blog:


In 2008, when company started they set out to redefine the meaning of productivity. They want that Evernote should become a workspace for the users where users can do all of the everyday things.

Troy Malone – General Manager APAC, Evernote said that

The rate at which Evernote has grown in the last few years is a strong testament to Evernote’s fit with the Indian market. We are certain that the Indian market will continue to experience massive growth in the coming years and we look forward to listening to our Indian users for novel product ideas and inspirational use cases.



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