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YU owned by Micromax has launched its new power bank YU JYUICE in Indian market. There are two varaiants launched with different capacity:

Both power banks are available in Grey color and have aluminium alloy body that prevents the power banks for corrosion or rusting. The 5000mAh power bank is 7.9mm thick, whereas, the 10000mAh power bank is 12.5mm thick.

It comes with white LED light which display multi-color light to show power level. Green stands for power bank is charged more than 70%, however, if it is less than 30% charge then it shows red light. For 30% to 70%, it will show yellow light. In order to check the status, you can just tap them.

Both weighs 250g and YU is also offering 6 months of warranty. Both these have 5V-1A input and 5000mAh power bank has one 5V-2.1A output. However, the 10000mAh power bank comes with two USB ports:

  • 5V-1A output
  • 5V-2.1A output 

Quick View details of YU JYUICE 5000mAh and 10000mAh power banks

Input: 5V2A
Output: Output 1: 5V1A, Output 2: 5V2.4A
Charging Time: 3 hours for 5000 mAh power bank, 6 hours for 10000 mAh power bank


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