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There is a new bug found in Google Chrome, with which Chrome crashes with 16 Characters or less. You just need to simply type that 16 characters URL in Address bar and it will crash the browser in a second. Initially, one of the bloggers Andris Atteka found a 26 character link to crash Chrome. But users at Venture tried different logics and criteria and reduce that 16 characters to 16 characters URL.

Google Chrome Google Chrome crashes with 16 Characters in Windows

No doubt, we as a user won’t type such a unique URL in our Address bar to crash our browser while doing important work, however, you can make fun with your friends and colleagues using. Please make sure that there is no such important tab open, as it will simply crash and loose data. You can try this:

  1. Open Google Chrome in Windows
  2. Paste this: http://a/%%30%30 in address bar
  3. Press enter. Google Chrome will crash immediately.

Google has confirmed the bug and explained that the bug was a result of a DOS vulnerability. If you have tried it at your end, do share if Chrome crashes with 16 Characters for you via comments.


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