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Difference Between Moto G 2nd Gen and Moto G 3rd Gen

The “G” collection of Motorola has allowed the brand to make a perfect comeback among the list of top selling mobile brands. Moto G 2nd Gen has become a colossal concern for the low budget mobile industry as it has really made a massive difference. Moto G 3rd Gen seems like repeating the legendary success of the brand. For Motorola, a lot has changed since its former releases that made it vanquished in the industry. Now the matter of concern is, what is the comparison between both these epic releases of Motorola. Well, you can find the contrast below with detailed descriptions:


Dimensions of Moto G 2nd Gen are: 141.5×70.7x11mm with a weight of 149g and a plastic body. Same way, the dimensions of the latest release are: 142.1×72.4×11.6mm with a weight of 155g and a plastic demeanor. Both the models are crafted in perfect look with hand friendly grip. 3rd Gen is completely customizable. You can use Moto Maker for the purpose. Moreover, this model is water resistant. 2nd Gen on the other hand has a similar appearance. It is not customizable as that of its succeeded model.


The 3rd Gen model is fashioned with 1.4 Hz Quad-Core Snapdragon 410 64-bit processor with 2GB RAM, whereas the former model is equipped with a 1.2 Hz quad-core Snapdragon 400 32-bit processor with 1GB RAM. 3rd Gen is high performance oriented model given the 64-bit processor and a great fit for multi-tasking. Moto G 3rd Gen uses version of Android of 5.1.1 whereas 2nd Gen is equipped with Android 5.0.


Both the models have similar display features that are 5.0 inch 720×1280 screens. Both the models have pixel density of 294ppi. However, it was disheartening for the buyers to not get any upgrade in the display of the model. But, the price of the model and other interesting features that have been added, lived up to the expectation.


There has been an upgrade in the camera of the models. The former one was equipped with an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. The new model has got 13 MP rear camera and 5MO front camera. The camera of 3rd Gen has been improvised in potential ways. It has also got Dual LED Flash whereas 2nd Gen was fashioned with single LED Flash feature. If the camera is concerned, I would say that it is a pretty good buy in such a budget.

We Conclude:

You have seen all the disparity that has been given to the latest model than the former one. The camera has been improved and it is water resistant giving you more security of your gear. The storage and battery feature of 3rd Gen has also been revised. The price seems like becoming a hitch in the way, given the fact that 2nd Gen was launched at highly pocket-friendly price but again, it doesn’t really matter when you are getting a long lasting and feature rich mobile. The upgrades that are given in the latest version justify the price hike.

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