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Apple smartwatch5

Apple smartwatch1

According to a patent that company submitted to U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Smart Ring a new idea of Apple’s next wearable device.

Apple smartwatch2

It is a new patent of the company that has reveals the details of Smart ring. The patent was filed in 2014 that explain different versions of smart devices. Smart ring will offer more advanced and new features.

Apple smartwatch

Smart ring will have a small display by touch control, processor, battery and wireless transceiver. It will have a motion sensor.

Apple smartwatch3

It will have a Mic that will be used to voice commands. You can also expect Siri in smart ring. There are few images that shows controls at the below side.

Apple smartwatch4

This ring will work with a voice commands and there is no display that means with the help of voice text type feature used for messages. It will have a motion sensor.



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