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Xiaomi Mi 5 which is a company’s rumored next flagship device, after a launch of Mi 4c, might be the first one to implement Qualcomm 3D Fingerprint technology. Th Mi 4c has a price tag of $200 approx in China. Earlier, there were rumors that the Xiaomi Mi 5 may get launched by the end of the year and it might be the one that can use Snapdragon 820 SoC (Qualcomm’s upcoming high-end chipset).
We just got an information from Chinese sources that the Xiaomi Mi 5 might be the first one to implement a technology that is supported by the Snapdragon 820. Yes, Xiaomi thinking to make use of Qualcomm ultrasound fingerprint recognition technology in its upcoming flagship device.
This technology was announced by Qualcomm in March 2015 and according to it, this is the first ultrasonic fingerprint technology for next generation mobile devices. Company also shared that ultrasonic sensors are used not only to improve the accuracy but also to eliminate the need for a capacitive sensor. This technology will give easier and more reliable user experience,more security along with the comprehensive security. You can take a look on the photo below:
The Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint technology can be used to create a 3D map of your finger and it also works with wet or dirty fingers. We need to wait for an official update from Xiaomi, however, we are quite excited that how Xiaomi will make use of the Snapdragon 3D Fingerprint sensor.


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