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apple-watch-priceApple Watch will be available on 6th November in India. Those who are Apple’s fan or eagerly waiting for Smartwatch to enjoy smartwatch also. It is a Company’s first wearable device.

The watch is available in two sizes i.e 38mm and 48mm and also including variety of bands with combinations of watch.  The price tag of watch is $349 up to $10,000 according to the watch edition. If we talk about India price, the base model may be Rs 25,000 but earlier hinted that the price is more than Rs 30,000. We have to wait for exact price of this Smartwatch.


Apple was released its watch in selected countries in two stages like UK, US, Japan, France, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Germany on 24th April and after that Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Italy, Singapore, Switzerland , South Korea on 26th June. Now, Apple announces that Apple its Smartwatch is available for sale in India on 6th November.

Apple watch support various customized apps. It includes advanced features that many things can perform through voice commands. It has a battery life up to 18 hours. It permits users to make and receive calls, appreciate music, read emails manage Instagram photos and more. It is expected that the cost of this Smartwatch may be high.


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