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A few days ago Huawei’s Li-Ion battery was demonstrated that charges to 50% in just five minutes. Yes, the news is shocking as this is the fastest chargeable battery till now. The battery has been developed by the Watt Lab which is a part of Central Research Corporation at Huawei Technology Corporation, Japan. The batteries were demonstrated at the 56th battery symposium held at Nagoya, Japan from 11th-13th November 2015. However, Huawei has not put a put a full stop at consumer’s expectations to have the batteries in the market and in the smartphones as well.


At the symposium, Huawei demonstrated two type of batteries through a video. First one was the 600 mAh battery capacity that charged to 68% in just two minutes while another one with 3000 mAh capacity that got charged to 48% in just five minutes. Not just the fast charging ability of the batteries is surprising but the claimed talk-time of 10 hours (at Huawei smart phones) is also surprising in just few couple of minutes.

This quick charging technology is even faster than Qualcomm’s third generation Quick Charger 3.0 which was previously fastest charging technique and could charge phone battery to 80% in just 35 minutes. Qualcomm’s third generation quick charger 3.0 will be available in the market with its snapdragon 820 processor in smart phones which is expected to be marketed by the next year.

As the concept of this much fast charging battery ability, Huawei Qualcomm’s Third Generation Quick Charger 3.0 explains it the bonding of the heteroatoms with the molecules of the graphite in anode which could be a catalyst for the capture and transmission of lithium through carbon bonds. According to Huawei, this concept results in increased charging speed of the batteries without compromising with the battery life.

This revolutionary technology is not just applicable to mobile phone batteries but it is also feasible to implement this technique wherever a battery is needed and even to batter driven vehicles.


  1. Wow, that’s really amazing. Up to 50% in 5 minutes is really a remarkable thing, I am using Mi2 and was happy with it’s charging capacity but now Huawei launched the most advanced of all. Cool.


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