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ESET Announces Launch of ESET Parental Control App for Android.

ESET in pioneer in the digital protection since 1987 and has been developing many of the protection software  so that the user may enjoy the technology with security and protection. Many of the security softwares by ESET have won the various awards as well which makes it a well known company globally.

The android has been launched for the parents so that they can monitor their child’s online activities and have control over them. The app is good enough can includes many protection features.


ESET Parental Control AppFeatures of ESET Parental Control Premium Edition: the premium edition of the ESET parental Control App includes the following features:

  1. Web Guard: this feature of the app blocks predefined the websites on the internet and importantly the parent can also choose the category of the website on to have access on child’s mobile.
  2. Application Guard: this feature automatically block the inappropriate application on the mobile or the parent can also choose any of the apps to block on the child’s mobile.
  3. Time Management: it limits the time which the child spends in playing the games.
  4. Parental Message: this feature ensures that the child acknowledges the receipt of communication from the parent and the parent can lock the screen of child’s mobile until the the message is received and confirmed.
  5. Parental Mode: This feature of the application manages the rules and generates the report of child’s online activity.
  6. Child Locator: this is one of the amazing feature of the app. it locates the location of the child in real-time.

ESET’s Parental Control App is available on Google Play Store for free to download and it has it’s premium version too which costs $30 but before the user opts the app for purchase he/she can have the app for trial for 30 days.

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