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We already heard about this when Apple was about the launch their latest iPhone 6. The news is coming that Apple iPhone 7 may not have 3.55 mm audio jack. As per news spreading Apple is trying to stop using 3.5 mm traditional audio jack. They are trying to make the next iPhone thinner. The 3.5mm audio jack is the widest part of any phones. If they will remove this jack the device can be thinner by more 1 mm.

Apple iPhone 7 may not have 3.5 mm Audio Jack

If they will remove the jack you will have to use Bluetooth or the lightening connector to connect headphones in your phone. People seem not too many fans of this decision. The same news were spreading before the launch of iPhone 6 that this device will not have a 3.5 mm audio jack but when the phone release it was present there. The traditional 3.5 mm jacks are the most common and almost every phone have this port. With this feature, the user can use any headphones without worrying about the connector. If Apple will remove this port, the user can only connect headphones that are provided with the handsets or use a wireless headset. On the social media, people are not supporting this decision of Apple.

The Japenese website Macotakara posted that Apple is considering to use lightning connectors instead of 3.5 mm audio jack in their upcoming Apple iPhone 7 handsets. They want this phone to thinner and this is the reason they are not using the traditional audio jack. The rumour can be true because almost every rumour posted on the site were true. Earlier they have predicted that the Apple will use lightning port instead of 30-pin charging setup and they also predict that Apple MacBook will use USB Type-C ports, the news were true.

Well, if this news is true then it will be a tough decision for users to purchase the Apple iPhone 7. The next iPhone will stop supporting other quality headsets. Headsets makers will also face problem to produce new headsets according to new iPhone 7 connector.


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