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Microsoft Surface Phone the most awaited device of Microsoft could launch in the mid of 2016. Reports say the phone will launch in the mid or the second half of next year. The Surface Phone is being designed by the guys who have designed Surface Pro Tablet and Surface Book. The chief designer of Microsoft Surface Panos Panay and his team is designing the Microsoft Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone could launch after the mid of 2016 Reports

The Surface Phone will run on Intel Powered processor which will run on the latest Windows 10 operating system. After purchasing the Nokia, Microsoft was putting their attention to run the Lumia and other services offered by Nokia. Now, they are considering to release the Microsoft Surface Phone. Previously according to news the device was about to launch in May 2016 but it was cancelled. Now the Surface team gets a green signal and the device could reach to you before the end of 2016.

The features and specifications of the phone are not known yet expect that the phone will have a metallic body and it will be powered with an Intel processor. The Surface Phone will increase the functionality of users. Microsoft is not supposed to concentrate on the configuration of the phone rather they are concentrating on increasing the functionality of the phone. The developer may face problem to develop a Microsft Surface Phone with such features, but they will recover with the problems anyhow.

The device is awaited since the release of Surface tablets, people are waiting for a Surface Phone which can remove the limits of the functionality of a phone. It seems that now the wait is over. The most awaited device could reach to your hand after mid 2016. The news can shock the current Windows Phone users, they will also be excited to purchase a Surface Phone which will remove the limits of a phone and convert a phone into a powerful device. Source


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