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A phone is called smartphone when it has the capability to support different types of application. There are three most popular smartphones operating system – Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Over the time numbers of the application on these stores increases significantly. Which shows that the applications are the most important part of a smartphone. There are various applications on health and fitness in these platforms. Today I am going to list top 5 free android apps on health and fitness. These are the must have applications which every android user should install in their phones. These applications will help you to stay healthy and fit. All these apps are free to install.

Top 5 Free Android Apps on Health and Fitness

1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal - Top 5 Free Android Apps on Health and Fitness

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal is most used health and fitness app on Android platform. This application provides the exact calorie counter of what you are eating and what you are consuming with exercises. There are more than 5000000 food logs on the database of MyFitnessPal. You can create a log of your food in less than 5 minutes in this app. There are wide ranges of foods calorie available in the database. If the food you eat is not available in the database you can also create add a custom food too. The log entered in the app can also be accessed with the website of MyFitnessPal. You can set your weight loss goal in the app and it will show you exact calorie you need to achieve your goal weight. You can also connect with your friends to get motivated with the app, you can also connect with other MyFitnessPal members. Install

2. Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club - Top 5 Free Android Apps on Health and Fitness

Another free android apps on health and fitness are Nike+ Training Club. This app works as your personal trainer and helps you in your workout with more than 100 workout programs. You will be motivated with the Nike Pro athletes and can get tips from friends and trainers. You can also post your own workout plan in the community. There is an option to share the pictures of your workout in the app. You can also stream the workout videos in your phone and can watch it in your TV or Tablet with HDMI. There is personalized a workout for all types of fitness goal. Either you want to stay fit, lean or strong there is workout program for you. You can also see the results of your training program by the charts in the app. Install

3. NexTrack: Making Exercise Fun

NexTrack - Making Exercise Fun - Top 5 Free Android Apps on Health and Fitness

Nexercise fitness app NexTrack: Making Exercise Fun is an excellent app on health and fitness on android platform. With this application, you can create your profile and keep track on your workout. This app makes exercise fun with rewards and points. In the Nexercise community, you can get motivation for losing weight or gaining your desired muscles. It is one of the best interactive apps on fitness. You can make friends in the community in a short time who will motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. The app has XP (Exercise Points) Points system, the more XP more active fitness person you are. Also, you can record your activity and see the history of your workouts. You can see the results with graphs. NexTrack: Making Exercise Fun app provides you medals like Dedicated, Early Bird, Friendly Inspiration etc which motivates you to be more healthy and fit. Install

4. Runtastic Six Pack Abs

Runtastic Six Pack Abs

Another free Android apps on health and fitness are Runtastic Six Pack Abs. This is an excellent app to get a flat stomach and six pack abs. The app has trainers and workout programs which help you to build abs. You can set your male or female avatars in the app and can start tracking your goal. There are more than 50 HD videos on ab workout. The app offers 10 weeks six pack ab program. If you follow the program you can get six pack in 10 weeks. The workout program in the app doesn’t require any gym equipment. You can see your progress with detailed graphs. There is also option to share your accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter. Users can upload their workout activity on the community or they can also upload the workout log to MyFitnessPal account. Install

5. FitNotes Gym Workout Log

FitNotes - Gym Workout Log

The next app we have in the list of top 5 free Android apps on health and fitness is FitNotes Gym Workout Log. This app is specially designed to make log of your gym workout. It has very clean and simple interface. You can make log of your workout log on a daily basis in the app. You can also browse to a particular day to see the log. There are options to set reps, weight, distance and time. You can also add notes on a particular day log. There is a timer to measure the rest time with vibration and sound. There are different categories to browse for different muscle group workouts. Application provides results with different types of graph, which help you to motivate you towards your fitness goal. Install

Final Words

Are you a fitness freak? Do you want to lose weight? Then these applications must have on your Android smartphones. These are top 5 free Android apps on health and fitness. If you are attached to a fit people community with these apps you will stay motivated and inspired. These apps help you to record and measure your effort in the gym to get desired goals. So don’t wait, install these applications on your smartphone right now.


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