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After the release of Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, people have started giving the review about the product. After using users found that the Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 have issues. It seems that Microsoft hasn’t properly tested the products. They must be in a hurry to release their product during the holiday season. Most of the online reviews were positive during the announcement of the products, but when it reaches to the consumer they have found issues in the products. Microsoft has said that they are aware of these glitches and they are working to fix these problems.

Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 have issues - Company is fixing

Users are facing issues like Screen Flickering, System Instability, and Power Problems. Microsoft releases multiple of firmware and updates just after launching the products. These updates have fixed some issues of screen flickering and others, but users are still facing problems with power. It seems that the problem is with the Microsoft’s new hardware not with the software. Users are reporting that the device is not going to sleep when they are closing the lid or putting the device on standby. The device keeps running even after making sleep. It keeps using the power and it can surprise you with no battery in an emergency.

Microsoft Spokesperson said, “We are aware that some set of Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 have issues, our engineers are working with top priority to fix those issues. We will share the new information about the fixes on the forums and directly to our customers when it will be available.”

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Microsoft has issued an apology about the issues and suggests users to keep updating their device. They have said that “For those of you who’ve had a less-than-perfect experience, we’re sorry for any frustration this has caused” Microsoft have said that they are working to fix the issues with the updates, but they didn’t mention the solution to the power problem users is facing. If you are facing issues with Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 then you must update your device as its available. This must fix your issues.


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