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Apple smartphones are higher in configuration and prices. However, Apple also introduced some low-cost smartphones. The current cheapest smartphone of Apple is iPhone 5s it is using the A7 processor. It is expected that the next release of Apple will be Apple iPhone 7c. Apple iPhone 7c may use an A9 processor with a price tag of 3000 Yuan. If according to news Apple will use A9 processors then surely it will be a high processor smartphone. Also, the price of this phone will be less to 3000 Yuan. If we compare the performance of Android and Apple devices we see that Apple has better processors than the low-end Android phone makers. However, this could rise after the release of Qualcomm Xiaolong 650 and 652 chipsets release which is scheduled to release next year.

Apple iPhone 7c May Use A9 Processor with Price Tag of 3000 Yuan

After the release of these chipsets, we will see the significant growth in performance of low-priced Android phones. The next release of Apple could be a 4 Inch smartphone with the A9 processor. If this happen, it will help software developers to build interactive apps with the help of a powerful processor. A powerful processor phone and a large application base will help Apple to generate more sales.

The Apple’s A9 processor is of 14/16 nanometer design. It is being produced by Samsung Electronics and TMSC. The past processor of Apple the A7 and A8 were using 28 Nanometer and 20 Nanometer design. If we compare these processors with A9 we find that A9 has better performance per watt. With entering this processor in the market, it will create a huge impact on performance.

To produce thinner smartphones with better performance Apple has to use the A9 processor design. The Apple iPhone 7c is expected to launch in spring conference of Apple. It has been seen that the most rumours of Apple products were true in past. So, this also could be true that Apple iPhone 7c will use the A9 processor and priced at 3000 Yuan. Source


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