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Google enhances the Google Now app on Android by adding new voice commands. Google added nine new voice commands to Google Now for Android. With the help of these new voice commands, you can easily call the shortcuts with voice commands. Google has added voice commands to call the Flashlight turn on and off feature. This is a really useful feature and we must thanks Google for this. If all of sudden a power cut happens and you can’t see anything then just call Turn Flashlight On. The Google Now App will call the flashlight function on your mobile. They have also added other commands to Google Now to make your task easier.

Google Added Nine New Voice Commands to Google Now for Android

They have added voice commands to call Wi-Fi on or off, and Bluetooth on or off. You can give commands to your phone by calling Turn Wi-Fi On or Off, Turn Bluetooth On or Off, your phone will open the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth setting on your screen. Now, you can turn on or off the settings.  The new voice command added to Google Now app will also read your messages. Simply call, “Read My Messages”, now you will see your last 5 messages on your screen. It will also ask you that do you want to read the five messages loud.

You can also call an app to open with voice commands. Use the Open word and the Application name. Like if you want to open the Facebook app on your phone, then call “Open Facebook”. Now, websites also can open with voice commands. Call Go To and Website address to open it.

You can open your camera by simply calling “Open Camera”. If you want to record video then call “Record Video” this will open your camera app in video mode. You can also turn on your music app by calling “Play Music”. You can also call a person or send a text to them with voice commands. Call and Person Name, Send a Text and Person Name. You can also use Set Alarm command to set Alarm and you can also set your brightness with voice commands.


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