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India has crossed the 1 Billion smartphone user mark in 2015. India becomes the second country with 1 Billion smartphone users. In October 2015, India crosses the 1 Billion smartphone users mark and becomes the second largest smartphone user country after China. In the month of October in 2015, the number of smartphone users rises 0.7% by the September month and reached 1.03 Billion mark.

If you were thinking that the United States has most smartphone users then you are wrong. The United States is far away from the figure of 1 Billion. The first country to have 1 Billion smartphone users is China. Then at second place is India. India has taken over the United States in 2008 in terms of smartphone users. After then the numbers keep increasing and now India becomes the second country with 1 Billion smartphone users. After 2008, India has added 800 Million smartphone users. It is just the double of the population of the United States.

This is the big reason that every smartphone maker wants to do business in India. To increase the numbers of smartphone users in the country, few smartphone companies are responsible. Companies like Micromax, Lenovo, Huawei, etc. Produced low-cost smartphones in the country. This increases the number of users in India.

The network carrier offering low-cost tariff and plans in India also played vital roles. There are dozens of network carrier doing business in India. The big network carriers are trying to grab the small network companies in India. If this happens in 2016, India will have 6-7 big network players. In the year of 2011 and 2012, India was close to cross the China in terms of smartphone users. But after then China gets huge growth leaving India at second place. In the year 2014-2015, China is not facing any growth, this is good chance for India to cross the China and becomes a number in coming few years. Source


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