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Intel the world’s largest semiconductor chip makers partnered with New Balance the Sneaker manufacturer company today in Las Vegas. They announced the partnership. Intel partnered with New Balance to develop smartwatch for runners. The New Balance Chief Executive Rob DeMartini said that “this Smartwatch will focus the runners training so they can constantly improve their performance”. New Balance also announced their Digital Sports Division today. This new sports division will focus on the understanding the difficulties and problem of athletes. They will also concentrate on motivating the athletes with wearable technology and digital experiences.

Intel Partnered with New Balance to Develop Smartwatch for Runners

This partnership signals us that we could see more products for athletes other than the smartwatch. New Balance also said that they will also collaborate with other companies like Intel to incorporate smart technologies. They will integrate these products with their footwear and other sports apparel.

The company will embed three technology in their Digital Sports Unit products. The one will be the wearable devices like a smartwatch. The second will be the sensors which could be placed into the sneakers to collect the data and send it to the smartwatch or app. The third will be the performance sports group which will analyze and track the progress of an athlete.

The new smartwatch will be powered with Android Wear operating system. It will locate and track the runners with GPS. The runners also can listen to their favorite music with the help of smartwatch. They don’t need to carry a smartphone for this. The Intel partnered with New Balance to provide the required chip to develop the smartwatch. The company is planning to release their smartwatch till the holiday season of 2016. The other products of Digital Sports Unit of New Balance will come out in 2017 and 2018. New Balance has the 110 years of history in developing and motivating the runners. Their new Digital Sports Unit will collaborate the new technology to help the athletes with their progress and performance.


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