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The Lenovo the owner of Motorola devices announced interesting news today. All Moto Devices will have fingerprint sensor releasing in 2016. If we see some recently released devices of Motorola it seems that they have forgotten to equip the devices with a fingerprint sensor. But now the new owner of Motorola, Lenovo has announced that all the devices releasing this year of Motorola will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor. Lenovo is concentrating on improving the Moto devices more in markets. This is why they have taken this decision. However, recently they have decided to remove the Motorola name from the brand name.

All Moto Devices will have Fingerprint Sensor Releasing in 2016 - Lenovo

The company also announces that they will not produce the devices less than 5 Inch screen display in the markets. Don’t be surprised to see the next version of Moto E devices with 5 Inch or bigger screen. The company also can drop the Moto E series. Lenovo wants to include the Moto devices in the high specification devices list. Last year we have seen that many handsets launched with fingerprint sensor whether they are of high budget or low budget. But Moto devices haven’t included a fingerprint sensor in their devices. Now, they have taken the decision to include fingerprint in they’re every device releasing this year.

The Lenovo has said that they will keep the Moto name in the high specification devices, but the low specification devices will be merged to Lenovo Vibe series. Also, they will reduce the number of low-end smartphones. The Lenovo has said that they will release 15 smartphones in 2016.

Announcing the news the SVP of Lenovo, Chen Xudong said, “Company will produce 15 handsets this year they all will have a fingerprint sensor and will not have less than 5 Inch of the screen.” He also said, “The Google Play Store will officially launch in China this year.” Last year with the launch of Google Nexus in China people were expecting the special version of Play Store in China but they didn’t do so.


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