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There are lots of useful Android apps in the Google Play Store. You are also aware of lots of useful apps but these may be big in the size. Here in this post, I have collected top 5 best Android Apps below 1MB memory. These apps are low in size but can be useful in many terms. With the upgrade of Android operating system every year with new features, the applications are also getting bigger. The normal usage applications are big in size. But there are some applications low in size but useful also. Here in this post, you will know about these applications.

Top 5 Best Android Apps below 1MB Memory

1. Darker (132KB)

Darker - Top 5 Best Android Apps below 1MB Memory

The first most useful Android app under 1MB memory is the Darker. This app can be your best companion if you often use your smartphone in the night to read books and play games. This application reduces the screen brightness of your phone so that it will not hurt your eyes. This application not just reduces the brightness of the screen it also filters the colour from your screen. Suppose you eyes are hurting with the red colour then it can filter that colour. The application is best to filter white colour. This application is free and with no advertisement. There are some features in the app which require the in-app purchase. These features are Auto-on, Auto Off, Auto Start, Custom Filter Colours, Darken Navigation Bar and buttons to set specific brightness level. This app has 4.4/5 ratings in the Google Play Store with 11279 users rating.

2. Dock4Droid (352KB)

Dock4Droid - Top 5 Best Android Apps below 1MB Memory

The Dock4Droid is in the list of top 5 best Android apps below 1MB memory. This app provides the shortcuts to other applications. You can easily visit any of the apps from this dock. With the help of this app, you can launch other apps without going to menu from any other application. The icons of your applications are placed in the side of the screen with a wave-like parabolic view. These icons can be accessed by scrolling with your finger. There is also an option to create the custom launcher in the application. You can add your most used apps in the launcher and can remove the unwanted apps from the list. The Dock4Droid also can list the favourite contacts in the launcher. If you frequently call someone you can add the contact in the launcher and call them quickly from anywhere in the screen. It is a free app which can be downloaded from Play Store. It is rated 4.0/5 there with the ratings of 4604 users.

3. Simple Notepad (832KB)

Simple Notepad - Top 5 Best Android Apps below 1MB Memory

Another most useful Android app under 1MB size is Simple Notepad. This app is simple to do list application which can help you remember your tasks and important notes. You can create notes in this application. You can customise your notes with checklist and images. You can also make your notes private by protecting it with a password. There is an option to search and share your notes and to-do list. The Simple Notepad also offers to export your notes to SD Card in .txt file format. There is also an option to upload your notes in popular cloud services. You can also add important tasks from Simple Notepad to your calendar. You can also pin the notes and tasks on your screen for the reminder. The Simple Notepad is rated 4.3/5 on Play Store by 8910 users.

4. Atomic Bomber (849KB)

Atomic Bomber - Top 5 Best Android Apps below 1MB Memory

Atomic Bomber is in the list of top 5 best Android Apps below 1MB memory. The Atomic Bomber is a game. This is probably best game under the size of 1MB. You can pass your time by playing this game and it will also not use much of your storage. This game creates an environment to be a NATO fighter and stop the attack to repel a Soviet Invasion. In this game, you can fire bombs by dropping them from the air and prevent the invasion. In this game, the firing Nuclear Weapon is also allowed. There are MiGs, guided missiles, and anti-air guns to thrill you in this game. The Atomic Bomber game can be downloaded from Google Play Store on your smartphone. This app is rated 4.3/5 on Play Store by 51976 users.

5. Instadict (972KB)

Instadict - Top 5 Best Android Apps below 1MB Memory

In the top 5 best Android apps below 1MB memory, you will like this app more. Instadict is an app that can become most useful to you. This app provides the meaning of the words you don’t know. Yes, it a dictionary app but it is different than others. If you are reading something on your phone and don’t know the meaning of the word, then you don’t need to open the separate dictionary app to know the meaning. Instadict provides you the meaning of that word without opening it. Just copy the word and then shake your phone horizontally. The Instadict app will tell you the meaning of that word. The app also doesn’t need internet connectivity to work. It supports offline mode. You just need to download the dictionary for your language. Currently, Instadict supports four language – English, French, Italian, and Spanish. This app has 4.4/5 rating on Play Store by 858 users.

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These are the 5 best Android apps below 1MB memory. These apps are very useful to download. These will help you in your daily life problems like reading, accessing apps, and word meaning which we daily need. In this list, there is a game also. If I have to choose a winner in all these 5 apps, then I will choose Instadict app. This is a useful app designed in such less storage. Which app is your most favourable out of these? You can also list your favourite apps below 1MB size in the comments.


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