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OverCart the India’s largest and first marketplace for overstock, refurbished, unboxed and pre-owned products. OverCart to sell unboxed and refurbished devices of OnePlus 2. The company always ensures the product quality by checking and consulting with experts. Last year company also sold the unboxed and refurbished devices of OnePlus. Now, they are conducting the sale of OnePlus 2. The unboxed devices of OnePlus 2 will start from Rs 18749 and refurbished units sale will be conducted at Rs 19899. The price of new OnePlus 2 in India is Rs 24999. Means you can save your pockets more than Rs 6000 by purchasing the unboxed and refurbished devices of OnePlus 2. Also, OverCart is offering 6 Month manufacturer warranty by OnePlus on the devices. So, it is a great deal.

OverCart to Sell Unboxed and Refurbished OnePlus 2 devices

The sale will be conducted on 25th Jan 2016 at 2 PM IST. The users have to register on the website to for notification about the sale. The company also giving Rs 500 cashback to first 50 confirmed orders of OnePlus 2 devices. This is an excelling opportunity to purchase the device. If you are planning to purchase a OnePlus 2 device but couldn’t purchase the device because of low-budget then you can purchase this device now.

Announcing the sale the Head of Strategic Alliances of OverCart, Saurabh Dubey said, “We’ve been receiving an overwhelming response to flash sales of OnePlus handsets. In the first OnePlus One sale, our stock sold out in 15 minutes. In the second sale, it took all of 4 minutes! Ever since the launch of the OnePlus 2, our customers have been asking us about the availability of unboxed and refurbished handsets—so we have been looking forward to this sale eagerly as well.”

There is no difference in the specification of unboxed and refurbished model of OnePlus 2. It is the same device that OnePlus is selling. So, you do not have to worry about it. Source


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