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Google always prefer to make its Nexus device by other companies. The nexus phone released in 2015 was made by Huawei and LG. Now news is coming that HTC could manufacturer Google Nexus 2016 devices. Rumours are spreading in China that the next Nexus device will be manufactured by HTC. Google has chosen HTC to make nexus device back in 2010 when they released the Nexus One device. Now again the HTC has been selected to build the phone as per rumours.

HTC Could Manufaturer Google Nexus 2016 Devices

If we believe on the Chinese site Weibo HTC will launch two Nexus devices this year. The will come with 5 Inch screen and the other will have 5.5 Inch screen. However, Google always increases the sizes of the screen with the launch of next nexus device. Except they Nexus 6P, the Nexus 6P has smaller screen compared to first released Nexus 6 device. So, we can say that Google will come with a smaller screen this time.

If HTC makes the Nexus devices this year they can get a little boom in business this year. HTC is running low in business even after releasing some high-end smartphones. HTC has released HTC One A9 last year. The phone couldn’t make big in the market. It lacks some features in comparison with other devices available in the market. Also, the news are spreading is just a rumour, there is no official confirmation about this.

Google releases its new Nexus device just after announcing the new Android operating system. This usually happen in between August to September. There is long time remaining to release the device. Also, Google prefer to makes its Nexus devices by different company every year. So, this also can be true that HTC could manufacturer Google Nexus 2016 device. In the market HTC is considered as high price smartphone. We hope that Google will keep the prices of next Nexus devices in the budget.


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