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As you all know the Valentines week is going on, you must be searching for the gifts for your beloved ones. No doubt, Valentines Day gifts are romantic in nature, however, things are getting changed now. Gadgets have become a part of our life and if you gift an amazing gadget that suits your budget then you both will be happy. Zebronics has come with some great gift Ideas for the Valentines Day under Rs. 1500/ only.

1) Kettle Speakers

Valentines Day gifts Kettle speakers

A Bluetooth speaker named as Zeb Kettle Speakers delivers a full and clear sound wirelessly from any Bluetooth-compatible device. It is built in NFC feature that can be easily connected. It carries the Zeb signature sound. The device has built-in battery. You can buy this amazing product in Rs. 1150/ only. The speakers are available in 4 different Colors i.e. White+blue/red and black+blue/red. You can bring it along on your Valentines Day date and gift it to your beloved ones the theme music.

2) Valentino

Valentines Day gifts valentino

This is something interesting product that you can gift. A Vaentino product is in Y shape and Why does the letter “Y” signify love? Because it’s the shape of a Y-splitter. There is an adapter for turning a single earphone jack into a dual jack. Therfore, you can use two earphones and enjoy the same music with your love. It is an ideal gift for couples who love spending time together. The price tag of this product is Rs. 675/ only and it is available in 2 different Colors i.e. Red and Blue.

3) Dino Speakers

Valentines Day gifts DINO

The third thing is a one of the romantic Valentines Day gifts. You can play the music and enjoy the colors of light as well. The product name is Dino Speakers that are portable in nature. This has an auxiliary input while the power is fed through USB cable. The price of Dino Speakers are Rs. 749/ only.

You can go ahead and plan your Valentines Day gifts and make your date more romantic with music. You can buy these product from:


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