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Asus, Taiwan based smartphone manufacturer again come up with some good news for Designers and Artists. In April 2016, the Asus has launched a new Community which is specific for Designer and it is named as ZenUI Designer Community. The community is a user-friendly service whereby artists from the globe can submit their original designs to be used as themes on ASUS ZenFone smartphones.


The best part is that designers can either submit their designs for free or as paid content. If you send them as a paid content, you can earn revenue from it. As you are earning revenue if you submit a paid content, you will also recognition. The themes can be further used by the Asus smartphone users.

Is it easy to earn revenue? Yes, it is easy, Designers need to submit their artwork at ASUS ZenUI Designer Community and then it will be approved by ASUS. Once approved, it will be published on the ZenUI Theme Store for the global population of ASUS ZenFone. The ASUS Theme Store has about 35 million downloads since January 2016 alone.

What’s the process of ASUS ZenUI Designer Community contribution?

  • Interested designers can join the Designer Community at
  • Once designs are submitted, they will go through a review process
  • Approved designs will then be published on the ZenUI Theme. The details like title, artists name and description will also be there.
  • There are two different section i.e. Free and paid content. According to the submission, it will be listed automatically in the respective category
  • The payments will be credited on monthly basis to designers by Asus


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