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LeEco which is known as a global Internet technology giant has partnered with Qualcomm. Qualcomm is the world leader in Mobile Processors technology. A couple of months ago, LeEco has launched two superphones that were powered by Qualcomm processor. The sale of these superphones is really amazing and in just a few months, the company has sold a number of its superphones powered by the latest Qualcomm Technologies’ processors.

LeEco le max 2

A lot of companies can fail due to bad engineering even they have a latest and fast processor embedded in their flagship device and this may lead to poor user experience. It’s very important to note that company has done a really good engineering with the device and used a high-performance processor. This is something we can see in the LeEco superphones. They have come up with really innovative devices that create an awesome user experience and focusing on delivering high performance.

LeEco superphones have got latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors and the world’s first CDLA technology, powerful camera and ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, these things are really making the superphones outstanding. The LeEco’s second generation Superphones gives premium user experience in terms of specs and high performance. This is specially made for the users who love watching rich content and enjoy multi-tasking. You can do multitasking like listening to music or checking your emails, sending messages or downloading an app and you won’t face any hassle, it will give you a smooth performance.

LeEco’s superphones with two of the world’s most powerful processors – the octa-core Snapdragon 652 and quad-core Snapdragon 820 are complemented by Qualcomm Technologies. LeEco’s second generation superphones Le 2 and Le Max2 have received an unprecedented positive user response since their recent launch.

Atul Jain – COO of Smart Electronics Business at LeEco India said:

We believe this is a win-win relationship. We are grateful to Qualcomm Technologies for giving us the opportunity to realize the true performance and capabilities of Snapdragon processors in our Superphones. This has enabled LeEco to empower our users and provide them the best experience possible.”

We believe this work with LeEco will have a deep impact on consumers, given LeEco’s core propositions of breakthrough technology and disruptive pricing. Both Snapdragon 820 and 652 were equally matched by the impressive design, features and specifications that LeEco packs into every superphone.”

Said by, Sunil Lalvani, Vice President and President, Qualcomm India


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