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Reliance Jio SIM which is a trending topic nowadays in India. Not only Jio SIM, Apple has also recently launched iPhone 7. After Android smartphones, now the company has decided to go with iOS devices as well.


If you were using iPhone and earlier you were not able to use Reliance Jio SIM, now, you can use the Jio SIM without any hassle. In initial days, Reliance was not taking care of iOS users, they were only focusing the Android smartphones and moreover, they were promoting their own LYF smartphones and other devices. After the launch of new iPhone, now, iPhone user can also use Reliance Jio SIM. iPhone users can also generate codes for their a new Jio SIM. We have a lot of users who were asking which iPhone can be used for Jio SIM. Therefore, we have come up with the detailed information. So, the first question is, Is your iPhone have a VoLTE feature?

List of iPhone’s with Official support (VoLTE feature)

After iPhone 5, every iPhone has the VoLTE feature. Even iPhone 5 also has the hardware support for VoLTE but the company has restricted the baseband. They have not shared any specific reasons for this and if they provide some kind of iOS update, you can even use VoLTE in iPhone 5 as well. The list of the iPhones with VoLTE support are:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus


How To use Reliance Jio sim on your iPhone ?

There is a simple method for using Reliance Jio sim on the VoLTE enabled iPhone. Before that, make sure you have already got the sim from the store. Here are the steps that you need to go with:

Insert Reliance Jio sim in your iPhone. You will get a pop-up asking for “Carrier Settings Update”. This basically to change the existing network settings to VoLTE.

  1. Click on update.
  2. Activate Wi-Fi calling option from Setting > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling and turn on the switch

You are now ready to make a VoLTE call.


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