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This festive season you can buy Kodak HD LED TV 32 inch on Shopclues for Rs. 11999 only.

There are five HD LED TVs varying over a range of 32, 40 and 50 inches. Within this line up, the KODAK Smart HD LED TVs (3 models) will offer internet connectivity and Wi-Fi capability.


Kodak 32 HDX900S HD LED TV features and specifications

1) Kodak 32-inch HD X900S: This is an HD ready TV that comes with 2x USB and 2x HDMI ports. It comes with 250 Nits panel and Samsung panel. Wide viewing angles (178X178) the HD LED TVs comes with intelligent features such as ‘Progressive scan’, ‘YPrPb resolution’ and response time less than 8 ms.

There are in-built games as well. Apart from this, it also supports USB to USB copying.The Smart versions have the added feature of Wi-Fi and are supported by ARM Cortex A7 and ANDROID system version 4.4.

You can buy it from: Kodak 32-inch HD X900S

Apart from that, there is another model:

2) Kodak 32 HDXSMART: This Smart LED comes with a glass cabinet. You can buy it: Kodak 32 HDXSMART

There are two HD LED TVs of 40 inches:

1) Kodak 40 FHDX900S: It features 300 Nits Samsung panel and in-built games. You can buy it: Kodak 40 FHDX900S

2) Kodak 40 FHDXSMART: It has 300 Nits Samsung panel, 4GB flash storage, USB to USB copy.  You can buy it: Kodak 40 FHDXSMART

If you are looking for big size screen LED TV, you can go with KODAK 50FHDXSMART : This device has the same features as 40 FHDXSMART. You can buy it: KODAK 50FHDXSMART

The Kodak 32 HDX900S was initially priced at Rs. 14,400 but it now available for Rs. 11,999.


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