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Today Panasonic India has come with a new range of air-purifier in the Indian market. The company is versatile in nature and they have different products in the market. The company has already launched a few Air Purifiers and today they have come up with some new products. They are promising to deliver a healthy life and a better life. As you know, in past month there is a huge increment in the Air pollution, due to different reasons and there is the critical effect of these increasing levels of air pollutant. There are total 7 models of specially designed air purifiers for the consumers to combat poisonous particles present indoors.


They have an Air Quality monitor with which you can monitor the current level of the Air pollution in your surroundings. There are different technologies like Nanoe technology and Econavi technology.

Nanoe technology is the new range which enhances the quality of indoor air by filtering out harmful particles including PM2.5. Not only this, it reduces the odour helps to keep the skin hydrated. Whereas the technology Econavi monitors the operations of the product according to the requirement. It also minimizes unnecessary operations by monitoring the daily life pattern of the user, creating a favorable environment for the members as well as pets.

At the launch Mr. Syed Moonis Ali Alvi, General Manager – Purifier Business, Panasonic India said,

Quality of indoor air is all about health and comfort. Therefore, it is important that we breathe healthy air when we are inside our homes and offices…

These can cater to room sizes from 283 sq. ft. to 452 sq. ft. The new range is available with two types of air-filters

  • HEPA Composite
  • Composite Air Filter

The Composite Air Filter consists of three kinds of technology:—

  • Super alleru-buster
  • Green Tea Catechin
  • Anti-bacteria Enzyme

These can inhibit 17 kinds of virus, bacteria and allergens up to 99%.

If we talk about the HEPA Composite Air Filter, that can be used to remove 99.7% particles from the air.

The good things about the product is that these all have features like sleep mode, child lock and filter replacement indicator – which reminds to replace the filter when it reaches its lifetime. The Air-Filters comes with life up to 10 Years.

The products start from the price range Rs. 11,995 to Rs. 34,995. Check the below table for each product price.

Product Guide

Model MRP
F-PBJ30ADD Orange  11,995
F-PXJ30AAD Turquoise  16,995
F-PXM35ASD Silver  20,995
F-PXM35AAD Flower  21,995
F-VXM35AAD L-Blue  27,995
F-PXM55AND C-Gold  34,995
 F-PXM55AAD O-Blue  33,995

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